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Little Steps Program, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics

Artistic Director, for the school for the past 22 years. Miss Chantel developed the Little Steps Program for the school 22 years ago and it continues to be a very successful program for the Junior dancers. This program develops fundamental movement skills to the very young. Introducing them to the Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acro skills that they can build on in their future dance training.

Miss Chantel also has extensive background in the fundamentals of Ballet, training since very young in Jazz, and the Cecchetti method of Ballet and later on in the Royal Academy of Dance Method of Ballet. She has been awarded honours for all of her major exams. She also has had specialized Children’s Tap training learning from the master himself of Children’s Tap, the Late Al Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert developed a wonderful young Children program and and ran a training program with DEA for teachers to learn his work one on one, before he passed away. Mr Gilbert worked with many in Hollywood,such as Annette Funachello and a young Micheal Jackson. We were very delighted to have Mr. Gilbert attend our school for a special session of Tap instruction with our students.

Miss Chantel holds her certification by Dance Educators of America, and has successfully been certified in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics and Modern. Training in Acrobatics and Tap from Charles Kelly, Jazz from Gus and Nan Giordano, Ballet from Raymond Lukens and Modern dance with Louis Kovorius from UNLV.

She is also a Registered Acrobatique AcroDance Jr. and Intermediate Instructor. Acrobatique is a Canadian Acrodance certification program, endorsed by the renowned ADAPT syllabus (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers).

For the past 17 years she heads up the Canadian Branch of Dance Teacher On line supporting the teachers and dancers throughout Canada. She also started adjudicating 8 years ago, for both the local school district, a Vancouver based Dance competition, Dance Magic and Cranbrook Festival of the Arts.  For 3 years, she did charity work for the Variety- children’s charity, by organizing a Dance Showcase involving 20 schools both in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainlan with all proceeds going to the Variety Children’s Charity. Most recently has also volunteered for the Chilliwack Lions Club Music and Dance Festival.

Miss Chantel has attended many teacher training seminars, including the Rhee Gold Teachers conference in Pheonix, in 2010 and 2011. Also, she participated in the Broadway Dance Center, Teachers training workshops in New York City. Learning from such famous teachers as Finis Jhung, Doret Koppel, Jeff Amsden.

Miss Chantel takes an over seeing position within the Dance Center but still continues to instruct Ballet, Jazz, Acro,Tap and “The Little Steps Program”.


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